This Tuesday night is a very special night for a number of reasons. If you are an online student who lives near the campus I would urge you to come out to join us for this one evening as it will be a great time of fellowship and food!

Tuesday, January 26th at 6:40pm we will meet on campus for a campus-wide Pizza and Fellowship night–pizza and drinks are provided free to all students and guests. We will likely sing a praise song or two, and have a word of prayer followed by fellowship over pizza. Because of this, we will go into class about 10-15 minutes later than normal. At around 7:10-7:15 we will move to the classroom where we will be joined by two special guests: Cory Marsh, an MDiv graduate of SCS, current ThM student, and TA grader for this course. Also joining us will be Pastor Adriel Sanchez of North Park Presbyterian, a dear brother in the Lord and personal friend of mine. Cory and Adriel will form a panel, representing dispensational and covenantal perspectives, respectively. I will challenge them with questions that probe their hermeneutical method, theological orientation, and historical influences. Additionally, I will present them with pre-selected passages for them to offer their interpretation on, intended to highlight the differences between covenantal and dispensational theology.

I urge you to invite guests to join us for this exciting night. For online students who are unable to join us, the dialogue will be recorded and uploaded to Blackboard. I will recommend you order your own pizza and sit in front of your computer while enjoying listening in to the classroom discussion. The normally scheduled lecture will be pushed back to a late week. Subsequently, the mid-term will also be pushed-back to allow us to first cover the requisite material to ensure your preparedness for the exam.

James Fazio, ThM, DMin (candidate)
Dean of Bible and Theology
Professor of Biblical Studies

Audio Archive

Here is the audio discussion between Cory Marsh (an MDiv graduate of SCS and current ThM student) and Pastor Adriel Sanchez (pastor at North Park Presbyterian Church Cory). Each man represents respectively their dispensational and covenantal perspectives; specifically their hermeneutical method, theological orientation, and historical influences.