Course Description

This course is a study of the current use of pharmacology in the mental health field. It also covers psychotropic medications and their neurological impact, as well as alternative approaches to treatment. This course helps students understand how and why medications are prescribed in the medical community and the role of the therapist to communicate with medical professionals and advocate for the health of the client. This course will also address cultural implications, as well as the impact of family traditions, religion, socioeconomic status, social stigma, gender roles, and other systems on the ethical use of psychopharmacology in the mental health field. Emphasis will include a recovery model of mental health, as well as how to initiate communication between medical practitioners, marriage and family therapists, and other client advocates and how to include dual diagnosis and medical perspective in the assessment and treatment of clients.  3 Units

C0-774 Psychopharmacology — SU16 — BlendedDownload 

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