Category: Graduate Bible & Theology

PM 701

Course Description A basic study of homiletical theory and the practical skills of expository preaching. Attention will be focused on identifying and articulating the central propositions of the text and the sermon along with the outline structures and contemporization of the sermon. Writing exegetical papers and sermon manuscripts will be an integral process in the student’s …

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BL 552

Course Description A systematic study of the basic grammatical elements of biblical Hebrew, including introduction to the Hebrew language, pronunciation, practice in writing, review of English grammar, vocabulary and full investigation and application of the Hebrew verb system. The student learns to translate selected passages in the Hebrew Bible. Trimester, 3 Units

BL 502

Course Description A continuing study of the basic elements of Koine Greek (BL 301 required), including vocabulary, accidence, syntax, and diagramming. The student will learn to read, translate and grammatically interact with simple passages of the Greek New Testament. 3Units

CO 614

Course Description Students will analyze the various types of addictions, treatments, and recovery techniques that are used in standard practice, and identify intervention techniques that are used with the subculture of those involved in substance abuse. Topics include the addiction process, effects on the family, and phases of treatment. Students will learn the characteristics for …

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TH 612

Course Description A study of the creation of human beings, the physical and spiritual aspects of humanity, and the Fall of humanity; the original and personal sin along with the nature, imputation, and extent of sinfulness; and the redemptive work of God in salvation with emphasis on the ministry of the Savior, the nature and …

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TH 611

Course Description A study of existence and attributes of God in Scripture and in Christian history including prolegomena as the nature and source of theology; the inspiration, authority, inerrancy, and canonicity of the Bible; and the creation, nature, and activities of the unfallen angels, the fallen angels, and Satan. 3 Units.

RE 605

Course Description A survey of the historical roots, development, doctrines, leading personalities, and practices of major religious cults in America such as Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, and New Age. The course also provides a biblical response to the cults and suggests approaches for presenting the historic Christian faith to the members of such groups. 3 Units.

OT 513

Course Description A study of the Prophetical books (Isaiah—Malachi) with emphasis on the historical and cultural background, structure, genre, themes, theological implications, and application of these books. (3 units). 3 Units.

SR 653

Course Description This course is designed to equip students with a biblical worldview regarding the origin and history of the universe and how the heavens declare the glory of God. The historical development of science in the field of astronomy, including the major figures, discoveries, and scientific models will be covered. This course will critically …

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SR 520

Course Description This course provides a general overview of the major issues in the science of biology including anatomy, physiology, genetics, and ecology. Intelligent design and naturalistic evolution are critically analyzed. This course presents the basic concepts of Biology and then relates them to Biblical principles. It begins with structural patterns in organisms from the …

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