Category: Graduate Bible & Theology

MI 507

Course Description This course is designed to give students a formative and practical framework of the biblical and theological basis for missions including its various methods and practices. Current trends, cross- cultural challenges and evangelism approaches will be discussed. 3 Units.

PH 803

Course Description This course explores important facets of Christian philosophy from the early church through the modern era, tracing the issues relating to religious knowledge, the problem of evil, and ethics. Prerequisite: History of Philosophy and Worldviews. Trimester. 3 Units.

SR 553

Course Description This course evaluates the history of the relationship between science and religion in western thought, through the lenses of the main thesis: conflict and/or complexity. A survey of perspectives over the past two millennia will be considered, with emphasis on the pre-modern era, the Scientific Revolution, and the impact of Darwin on modern …

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BC 501

Course Description This course is designed to equip the student with a working understanding of the foundational theological foundations for biblical counseling. Topics include a study of the major areas of theology related to God, humanity, Sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and salvation, and how they impact the practice of biblical counseling in the church. …

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PH 601

Course Description Central to all discourse, and therefore challenges to the Christian faith, is understanding both epistemology (knowledge) and ontology (metaphysics). Students will analyze various epistemological views covering topics such as skepticism, justification for belief, the nature of truth, and religious knowledge. Additionally, key metaphysical issues will be analyzed including personhood, association and identity, and …

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BC 600

Course Description The goal of this course is to provide a strong foundation in faith integration, learning, and practice related to effective biblical counseling and practice. In this course, we will seek to create a theological and philosophical context and conceptual framework necessary for making the connections between biblical truth, human nature, and counseling practice. …

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BL 702

Course Description A continued study of the exegetical process. The student will further develop the skills of exegesis learned in BL-601, BL-602, and BL-701. 3 Units

BL 652

Course Description The student continues the study of biblical Hebrew, including additional vocabulary, review and amplification of grammar, syntax, and translation. During this trimester the student will be applying the principles of exegesis, including textual criticism, to the completion of an exegetical paper based on a passage of the Hebrew Bible.

TH 613

Course Description An examination of the biblical doctrines of Christ and of the Holy Spirit. Topics include: the deity, names, personhood, and natures of Christ as fully God and fully man; Christ’s eternal ministry throughout the ages and the deity, names, personhood, and nature of the Holy Spirit is examined. 3 Units.

SR 551

Course Description This course exams the philosophy of science and philosophy of religion. Regarding the former, an examination of various views of scientific methodology, the intercession of Christianity and science and the current trend of warfare between both are delved into. Regarding the latter, an examination of atheism and theism, arguments for and against God’s …

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