Category: Graduate Behavioral Sciences

PY 815

Course Description Students are trained and equipped to respond professionally and clinically to crisis situations. They will advance their understanding of networking with local and national agencies and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. This course covers acute emergency treatment and longer-term mental health intervention following a crisis or trauma, for both groups and individual. (3 units)

PY 811

Course Description This course offers an understanding of how society and multicultural forces influence behavior and prognosis. The student examines the individual’s perception of and reaction to other people and social influences. Topics such as attitude formation, prejudice and discrimination, conformity, obedience, cooperation, and conflict reduction are explored. 3 units

PY 803

Course Description The student develops enhanced clinical skill drawing upon contemporary challenges and review of clinical theory. This course encompasses current empirically-validated intervention techniques employed by practitioners of different models. The content prepares students to conduct treatment of clients within the borderline spectrum, affective disorders, substance abuse, anxiety and stress disorders, eating disorders, developmental disabilities, …

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CO 615

Course Description This course is a survey of laws and regulations, as well as accepted practices, in the area of child, Spousal/partner abuse assessment, intervention, and reporting. The student will compile a binder of resources for abuse victims in San Diego and will learn how to connect people with the resources in their community. Students …

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CO 613

Course Description This course is a study of ethical, cultural, social, and biological relationships of sexuality and an assessment of the techniques for treatment of sexual dysfunction. A Biblical view of sexuality is reviewed as well as the scientific research provided in the area of human sexuality. Students will review client vignettes to demonstrate ability …

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CO 611

Course Description This course is an examination of cross-cultural mores and values of a wide range of racial and ethnic groups and the impact these mores and values have on the counseling setting. Specific attention is given to the, African American, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern and Native American cultures. Emphasis is placed on the …

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PY 801

Course Description This course emphasizes specific assessment of various pathological syndromes based on the DSM-5. The course focuses on observational data and clinical interviews to measure cognitive and personality functioning. It examines social psychology, symptomology, differential diagnosis, prognosis, treatment recommendation in professional psychological reports, and case conceptualization. 3 Units

CO 620

Course Description This course emphasizes the social and personal requirements of senior citizens and dependent adults who need assistance with daily activities and health care, and who desire and deserve to live and age with dignity. Students will review legal concerns designed to protect dependent and elderly adults. Students will also recognize recent statistics with …

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IO 805

Course Description This course is designed to enable students explore the application of industrial and organizational psychology principles to human resources. Students will examine topics such as: job design, job analysis, employee selection, job placement, training, and employee development Students will also explore the topics of performance appraisals, performance management, and legal and ethical considerations …

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PY 819

Course Description This course is designed to enable students explore an employee performance at work. Students will learn how to define motivation at work. Students will examine topics including organization citizenship behaviors, accountability, and organizational attachment. Students will also examine major theories in motivation ranging from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to goal-setting theory. Students will …

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