Category: FA Scholarships

The Fay Family Scholarship

The Fay Family Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship available to all SCS Students in any of our undergraduate or graduate degree programs. This is a private scholarship and can therefore be awarded in addition to any other institutional scholarship already awarded by the seminary. The Fay Family Scholarship is awarded to only one student per year.

Scholarships for students from Sen Joel Anderson

Many of you know prospective or current college students who could use some financial assistance to support them in pursuing their college education. My outstanding staff and interns have gathered a list below of numerous grants and scholarships that could help ease the burden. Download the PDF to find all the details.

Spousal Scholarship

The spousal scholarship is designed to assist qualified students whose spouse is a current SCS enrolled student.

Gary & Donna Coombs Equippers Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to assist qualified students who demonstrate a high capacity for growth and ministry and who have financial need as determined by the FAFSA.

Ministry Worker Scholarship

The Ministry Worker Scholarship is designed to assist qualified students who are employed by a ministry at least part time (20 hours per week).

Church Matching Scholarship

The Church Matching Scholarship is designed to match Christian church gifts for recipients up to $1500 per Academic year, not to exceed 25% of the recipient’s tuition charges each trimester.


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