Transcript Ordering Instructions

Former students and alumni with Populi accounts may order official transcripts and download unofficial transcripts within their accounts.

Former students without Populi accounts may order official transcripts by clicking the link below.

You have the choice of ordering print and mail transcripts, or email transcripts (pdf file).  By law, all transcripts sent via email must be encrypted, so SCS sends two separate emails, one with the pdf transcript and a second email with the password.  SCS is able to send unencrypted transcripts, but only if the student provides written permission to do so. If you want SCS to send unencrypted files, please indicate that when you are given an option to provide instructions.

California BBS applicants: BBS does not accept encrypted transcript files.  Therefore you should be sure to request SCS send an unencrypted pdf, or request a print and mail transcript.

It is also strongly advised that you submit your application to BBS before you have SCS send transcripts.  Our alumni report that BBS seems to lose track of transcripts that are submitted before BBS has an active file open.

Applying to Higher Education Institutions: if you need transcripts for an application to a College/University/Seminary, it is strongly recommended that you have SCS send the transcript directly to the institution.  If you have a transcript emailed to you, and then you email or upload it to your institution, many of them will not accept that as a formal completion of their requirements.  (For example, SCS does not accept transcripts direct from students).  Similarly, if you have a transcript mailed to you, and then you hand-deliver and/or mail it to an institution, often-times it will not be accepted.  (In certain cases an institution may accept a printed transcript that is in a specially sealed envelope that has not been opened by the student).  Printed transcripts sent to  the student are stamped “Released to Student.”  You should make sure you understand the requirements of your institution, and then make sure you provide clear instructions to SCS when you are ordering transcripts.  The transcript ordering process has an “instructions” dialog box where you can provide clear instructions to SCS.  It is your responsibility to understand the requirements of the receiving institution, and to provide clear instructions to SCS.

SCS Transcript Request Link

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