The Ins and Outs of Self Publishing: Your Plan, Your Pick

Dr. Miller will be a presenter at the Quia Scriptores writing conference.
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J.R.MILLER serves as the director of SCS Press, as such, he has led the editorial review board for all of its publications, to date. An accomplished writer in his own right, Dr. Miller has successfully navigated the world of self-publishing as well as major national publishing houses. With over twenty years of pastoral experience, including two church plants, Joe has authored multiple books on church leadership among other research interests.

  • Elders Lead a Healthy Family (Wipf & Stock, 2017)
  • Holy Spirit Book (SCS Press, 2019)

BREAKOUT SESSION: “The Ins and Outs of Self Publishing: Your Plan, Your Pick”
Dr. Miller self-published his first book, A Comprehensive Guide to Church Construction, in 1994 and today serves as the Director for SCS Press. A lot has changed since that time in the world of publishing: the tools for authors are more accessible, the costs are manageable, and self-published books are far more respectable. In this workshop, Dr. Miller will draw from his 20+ years of publishing experience to share both a strategy and detailed process for anyone looking to self-publish in the age of Amazon. 
BREAKOUT SESSION: “From Blog to Book: Taking the Next Step”
Blogging is one of the most empowering tools available to aspiring authors looking to hone their craft. The internet offers a place where writers get instantaneous feedback on how readers perceive their words. The road from simple blog to shrewd book, however, is an intricate journey where serious writers must become skilled wordsmiths. In this workshop, Dr. Miller shares blogging strategies and techniques to set writers on the course to publishing success.

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