The Gospel According to Matthew with Dr. James I. Fazio and the Oakridge Bible Chapel Podcast

Our journey together through the Bible from cover-to-cover takes an important turn in this installment as our study pivots from the Old to the New, from Malachi and the prophets to Matthew and the gospels. One pair of authors describe the importance and uniqueness of this first book of the latter testament:

The gospel of Matthew has commonly been considered one of the most important books of the New Testament, and properly a gospel to be placed first in the New Testament. Although the order of the books in the Bible came through human choice rather than divine inspiration, this gospel serves as a sturdy bridge connecting the Old and New Testaments. It fittingly sets the stage for the books that follow. Matthew deals primarily with the life of Jesus Christ as fulfilling Old Testament prophecies relating to the coming King. He also helps explain why the prophecies relating to the kingdom of Christ on earth have had their fulfilment delayed until his second coming. Anyone desiring to master the New Testament may, accordingly, well begin with the gospel of Matthew, which introduces readers to the New Testament truth that follows.

Walvoord and Dyer, Matthew, 11

To help us kick of our expedition into the New Testament we welcome to the podcast, Dr. James Fazio. Dr. Fazio has served in education for 25 years, working in both public and private sectors. He currently serves as Academic Dean and Professor of Bible and Theology at Southern California Seminary, in San Diego where he teaches hermeneutics, theology, and apologetics.

The Gospel According to Matthew (Cover to Cover Series) 


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