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The Benefit of a Christian College

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The Benefit of a Christian College

James I. Fazio| Dean of Bible and Theology| Southern California Seminary


What do schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Penn State, and Columbia University have in common? In addition to being some of the world’s leading names in higher education, they are also some of the longest standing schools in the United States. In fact, each of these schools was founded prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776—at a time when the early American Colonies recognized the need for Bible-educated men and women to take on the leadership roles that would shape the emerging nation. It stands to reason that all nine of the Colonial Colleges in existence at that time were established as religious institutions and share a rich Evangelical-Christian heritage.


Christian Men and Women Can Lead and Influence the Direction of the Country

Regrettably, all of these institutions have made a major departure away from their founding principles and values that once served to distinguish them as centers for training Christian leaders to proclaim God’s Word. It is no wonder then, that the U.S. has taken a sharp turn in how it leads the nations. Statistics reveal that America is number one in the following categories: highest divorce rate;[1] highest incarceration rate;[2] highest rate of illegal drug use;[3] and it claims the most reported cases of rape, murder, and total crimes than any other nation in the world.[4] The need for Christian men and women to become trained in the Word of God and to take a leadership role in shaping the future of our country has never been greater than it is today. Secular colleges and universities are incapable of answering the kind of issues that our nation is facing. Christian colleges that “toe the line” and have not buckled to the pressures of the secular-humanist worldview are as well suited to train-up a generation of Christian leaders as those early Colonial Colleges of yesteryear.


America Needs Students Who Have Been Trained in the Word of God

All of society stands to gain a great deal from alumni of a Christian college in addition to the number of benefits that attending such a school yields to the individual student. Three of the top reasons for why a Bible-based college should be preferred to a secular institution (or one that is “Christian” in name only) include:

  • Christian worldview – The Bible makes it clear: “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7). Only schools with a strong commitment to the Word of God are suited to provide answers to the kinds of questions students have asked down through the ages, such as: “What is truth?” “Who is man?” and “Why are we here?” Any educational institution that is ill-equipped to offer satisfactory answers to questions such as these is woefully deficient and should abstain from making any kind of claims concerning truth and/or knowledge.
  • Quality education – Because Christian schools are typically much smaller than their secular counterpart, students are able to interact on a more personal and intimate level with both their peers and the faculty. Primary and secondary education has long-since realized the value of small class size and is constantly seeking to reduce the student-to-teacher ratio. Why should higher education be any different?
  • Safe environment – It is a well-known fact that learning occurs best when a student has the reasonable assurance that he or she is in a safe environment. Nothing could be more intimidating to a student than moving away from home into an unfamiliar environment with all manner of distractions and foreign ideas. The Christian college campus is best suited to provide the kind of atmosphere where a student can devote his or her attention to the very thing that students go to college to achieve—learning.

Numerous other advantages could be added which reflect the personal benefits that attending a Christian college yields to the student. Perhaps none are more compelling than the prospect of a future devoid of college-educated men and women who are trained in the Word of God. America today is in need of such students who are willing and ready to answer that call.


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