San Diego State University, sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies,
is hosting a2-day Symposium on Scripture, Hermeneutics and Language. The event will include scholars from the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian faiths, each presenting papers on their sacred scriptures.

Research Themes

  • Linguistic trends in exegeses
  • The “written” scripture and the “oral” scripture
  • Contemporary trends in hermeneutics
  • Intertextuality as a means of exegesis
  • Counter-extremist interpretive approaches against Al-Qaeda and other extremist organizations
  • General Exegetical Approaches in prophet and wisdom religions.

Several of the faculty from Southern California Seminary.are scheduled to present papers.

me_headshotJesus the Prophet of Peace: The Language of Peace in the Christian Scripture – Joe Miller, M.Div, DMin, Dean, Online Learning, Professor of Applied Theology and Leadership

cone4324_03The Genesis Account as Early Biblical Model for Biblical Interpretation – Christopher Cone, Th.D, Ph.D, Ph.D, CAO / Research Professor of Bible and Theology SCS

gino_pasquariello2Authorial Intentionality as Determinative for Meaning in Texts – Gino Pasquariello, M.A., Ed.D, VP, Student Services and Professor, SCS

james_fazio3The Unparalleled Reliability of the Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament – James Fazio Th.M, DMin (Candidate), Dean School of Bible and Theology, SCS

Sohrab RamtinConsidering Pagan Influence and War in the Bible – Sohrab Ramtin, Th.M, DMin (Candidate), Adjunct Professor, SCS

Information Request

To obtain further info, please contact Professor Khaleel Mohammed, Dept. of Religious Studies, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA at or Ms. al-Angari in Saudi Arabia via telephone at: 966 536525944.