Student Services
Student Services

Welcome to Southern California Seminary. Student Services is pleased to present this SCS Student resource page as a ready reference for your use. Student Services is your co-curricular partner for success! Many of the services available for your success are listed below. They come from the entire SCS campus community and are ready to make your study at SCS an academic and spiritual success.

Whether you are a residential or a commuter student, SCS provides various services that promote your success through our website, making the same resources available to all students. Among these services are student events (such as Pizza Fellowship Week, and other special events), information on student health and safety, student activities, Student Forum, and academic support services. Our advisement services include spiritual advising, career advising, academic advising, and community engagement services. As you can see, we aim to serve. Please feel free to contact me directly, or one of our capable Southern California Seminary staff.

Mrs. Jillian Hines
Director of Student Services, Southern California Seminary


Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

Sat 03
Mon 05

New Student Orientation & Video Helps

Below is provided a list of videos, articles, and links to help answer the most common questions.

What is NSO?

New Student Orientation is a vital event in the lives of SCS students. The purpose of orientation is to promote student success by introducing entering freshmen, transfer students, and new graduate students to the intellectual, cultural, social, and spiritual climate of Southern California Seminary. Only one orientation is needed and attendance is mandatory. Orientation dates are published far in advance, which gives you plenty of time to arrange your schedule. Please consult the Academic Calendar in this catalog. 

NSO Goals

  1. Introduce students to SCS personnel and campus facilities, including the library.
  2. Provide students with a working knowledge of all technology used on the campus—including Blackboard (LMS), Outlook email, Empower Web, and use of the website—and their logon and passwords to access it.
  3. Provide students with their academic status upon entry (or re-entry) to SCS through a summary of any transfer courses from other colleges and their beginning degree audit.
  4. Explain the concepts of governing catalog, degree audits, and progress toward graduation.
  5. Explain the Bible Entrance Exam and the Bible Exit Exam.  The initial (entrance) assessment of Bible knowledge sets a baseline against which a second (exit) assessment is compared to assess each student’s increase in biblical knowledge while at SCS.  Both exams are available online and neither assessment affects the grade point average in any way.

Student Accounts

Blackboard for Students

Email & Website

Campus Safety

Below is information related to SCS campus safety.

El Cajon Campus Map (East & West)

El Cajon West Campus Map

Campus Safety

Your safety is always on our mind. The following links will take you to information that will enhance your safety at Southern California Seminary.



Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

SCS provides resources on campus for students who desire to seek help with drug or alcohol abuse. Additionally, the following resources are available throughout the greater San Diego metropolitan region. Please contact the office of Student Services for more information (888-389-7244).

  • Addiction Information and Treatment
  • Alcohol Abuse Information
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Clinics and Medical Centers
  • Counseling and Crisis Intervention
  • Drug Abuse Information
  • Drug and Alcohol Detection and Testing
  • Drug or Alcohol Treatment Programs
  • Homecare Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation Centers and Services