I currently live in Tijuana, Mexico ministering to children and teenagers who live in an orphanage near my home church. I am also part of the leadership team of the young adults’ group where opportunities of missionary work around Tijuana arise once a month. Work such as feeding the homeless, ministering to refugees and orphans, facilitating health care to those living in poor areas around town. All of this while presenting the Gospel. Recently, an opportunity has opened to volunteering with Cornerstone Church and be part of a team that is opening a church inside the local prison, which I am looking forward to because this would be the first Christian church to open inside the prison and part of the mission is to reach the inmates’ families as well. My goal in life is to serve God with all that I am, all of my time and all of my resources, this includes the Master’s in Counseling Psychology that I have recently finished this year, the Master’s in Christian Ministry that I am currently pursuing, as well as a PsyD that will allow me to have a better understanding of other people’s cultures and how to reach out to them with a care that will be familiar to them.

If choosing a college is an important task, choosing the right college is of utmost importance. Attending a college is not about the degree as much as it is about becoming the person that God intended you to become. At SCS you will be equipped to do missions around the world and at home. You will study with like-minded students and find professors and advisers who will help you become what God intended you to become so that you can go out into the world and do what He made you to do! May the Lord Bless you!

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