Trusted Assurance

Trusted Assurance By Katrina Carter Katrina Carter (not pictured) is a student at Southern California Seminary. She is currently on mission in Mongolia and is

The Journey to Mongolia

Journey To Mongolia by Katrina Leigh Carter, student at SCS Katrina took a leave of absence from the Seminary in order to be a missionary

Beyond the Grave: Does it Matter?

If our minds can be opened to the possibility of a second-chance through medicine, then our minds should be open to the possibility of a second-chance through the resurrection-life of Jesus 2,000 years ago.

Getting a Scholarship is not an Exercise in Futility

In our last blog we told you to think about all the civic groups, clubs, businesses, churches and organizations in your community. And that each of these was a potential source for scholarships. Today we’ll discuss how to broaden your search.


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After Seminary, many find it difficult to maintain their Greek language skills. This blog will help you maintain your Greek language skills.

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