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Debates on whether early Christians relied solely on exorcism and other miraculous healing under the assumption that all diseases are a result of demonic activity, continue. On the one end of this scholarly continuum are those who hold that early Christians only approached disease and healing as purely spiritual phenomena (hence, focusing on exorcism and other kinds of miraculous healing), while, on the other end, others have argued that early Christians accepted a naturalistic view of the causes for diseases and, consequently, sought naturalistic solutions to diseases.

The Current Need for Theological Education in Africa

Contextualization must never be an uncritical amalgamation of the elements of culture deemed good and an intentional overlooking or even incorporating the evil in the culture. The other seeming reason for this unending syncretism in the church in Africa seems is a continued feeling that “Christ alone” is not enough to deal with the woes continually afflicting the people of Africa, Christians included.


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