Southern California Seminary Alumnus Heads East County Transitional Living Center in El Cajon

Michael Branch, MA.

It has been full circle for Michael Branch, the new CEO at the East County Transitional Living Center in El Cajon. In 2010, Branch joined the ECTLC program. Founded in 2009, former ECTLC [East County Transitional Living Center] founder and CEO Pastor Harold Brown passed away on Jan. 31, from COVID-19 related pneumonia and a lengthy battle with cancer, working more than 20 years leading the ECTLC and its mission.

Brown also served as senior pastor of Christian Fellowship of El Cajon. Branch said when he was introduced to the ECTLC in 2010, Brown was the CEO, he went through the program and graduated from it in 2011. “During my healing process, I was motivated to go into the helping and giving profession,” he said. “After my graduation, I took a job here in East County as a ranch hand and went back to school. I had not been in school for 12 years.” Branch earned his bachelor’s degree at Southern California Seminary in Biblical Studies, then earned his master’s degree in Social Work from University of Southern California.

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