"Is the Bible Reliable?" Community Course

Is the bible reliable?Sign up now for our next community course! Come and invite some friends and family… anyone who wants to discover an answer to the question, “Is the Bible reliable?” is welcome.

Why should you join us?

The Bible is under attack in our day! But this is nothing new. In every generation before us there have been those who have sought to undermine, corrupt, distort, outlaw, and eradicate God’s Holy Word. Rather than focus on private religious beliefs that may be commonly held by Christians or opposing views characterized by those who vehemently oppose the teachings of the Bible, this course will focus on questions such as: “is the Bible reliable?” and “what claims does it make concerning itself?”

There is no justification for Christians answering these questions one way and secularists answering them another. A testimony is either reliable or it is not. This course is intended to help shape what you believe about the Bible, and ultimately, by extension, what you believe about everything—since the Christian perspective is, after all, derived from the Bible. Regardless of what you believe walking into this course, you will walk out with a much deeper appreciation for and higher opinion of the Bible.

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