SCS Student Testimonial: Troy Warner

Upon graduation from High School in 1986, I began preparation for the ministry and enrolled in college. Before I was able to complete a degree, the Lord called me to the mission field where for a short time I attended a small Bible college. Unfortunately, the education process was put on hold numerous times and the years rolled on.
After 27 years of full-time ministry at Calvary Chapel Lynchburg, VA, the Lord led me to re-enter Seminary. As I prayed about where to attend, it was important to me to find a school committed to the belief that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant and authoritative word of God. In addition, I wanted to find a course of study that would be flexible with the overseas travel involved in my full-time position as Pastor. I especially wanted a program that would challenge me to become a better writer. This is exactly what Southern California Seminary offered me: sound biblical teaching with a high academic standard.
I have been blessed to receive instruction by professors who are committed to training people in ministry in an environment that is conducive for someone with a full-time schedule. I have especially enjoyed the beginning and intermediate Greek courses as they have enabled me to dig deeper into the original language of the New Testament and aid me in understanding and communicating the word of God better. I’m thankful to SCS for the solid training they are providing and would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to further their understanding of the word of God in a Christ-centered and word-focused environment.
In His Service,
Troy Warner

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