SCS Student – ACL Research Award Winner

Southern California Seminary is proud to announce that Guy Troy Warner, one of our seminary students, has been awarded the ACL Research Award!
ACL Research Award Winner: Guy Troy Warner
Degree: BA Biblical Studies
Nominated by Jennifer Ewing, Library Director
Troy has consistently displayed the ability not only to research relevant, scholarly sources that validate his positions, but also to interact with first hand opposing views—an element required at the graduate level. Moreover, Troy exhibits a clear and logical writing style that makes his chapters coherent and understandable with a flow of thought that few students possess. Even when writing on controversial aspects concerning theology, he does so in a professional, and winsome manner. He is never shy to differ from his professor when convicted on a point; yet, always remains respectful throughout. He has improved drastically over the past six months concerning Turabian formatting and expressing thoughts in the 3rd person, and is always teachable and welcoming of critique that will better is craft. Troy is the senior pastor of a large Calvary Chapel church and has not let the demands of busy ministry affect his integrity in homework assignments. He regularly teaches and preaches, and counsels church members, as well as leading tours to Israel, and through it all, Troy remains in contact with his professors and submits assignments at an “A” level. Troy’s faithfulness to the task at hand is a wonderful character trait, and his excitement and diligence in research and writing these chapters have been infectious. It is with pleasure that I nominate Guy Troy Warner for the ACL award knowing he will use this Doctrinal Summary to bless those in his church, and among the body of Christ at large.

The ACL Research Award, established in 2006, gives CLC member institutions the opportunity to accomplish the following:

  • Honor great student researchers
  • Get the word out about ACL to the academic institution
  • Create a library presence at an academic awards ceremony at CLC member schools

Individuals are nominated by library director or staff at CLC member institutions. Annually each institution may nominate a student at each degree level (Associate, Bachelors, Graduate) to receive the award presented at an academic awards ceremony.
Requirements for nominees:

  • Must excel in research
  • Must be in last year of study (Associate, Bachelors, Graduate degrees)
  • Must display outstanding characteristics
  • Must demonstrate record of leadership, ability, and Christian character
  • Must receive institutional faculty approval

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