Press Release: SCS Press Publishes John Nelson Darby: A Biography


SCS Press Publishes Max Weremchuk’s John Nelson Darby: A Biography


It’s been over thirty years since Max Weremchuk released his definitive biography on one of the most influential figures to shape the Evangelical church. Since then, fewer works have come out in an attempt to shed light on this complex and contested figure, but none have captured the heart and painted so vivid a portrait of the man, John Nelson Darby (I800- I882), as Weremchuk’s classical work.

With newly expanded material, this updated biography offers a refreshing look at the life and ministry of one of the most controversial and misunderstood figures in modern church history. Drawing extensively from unpublished materials, familial testimonies, and the wealth of printed documentation that is spread across several different languages ( French, German, and English), Weremchuk’s skillfully woven tapestry of John Nelson Darby remains unrivaled.

You can purchase John Nelson Darby:A Biography for $16.95 here.

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