Prof. Cory Marsh in the Journal of Ministry And Theology

Professor Cory Marsh’s article, “”Kingdom Hermeneutics and the Apocalypse: A Promotion of Consistent Literal Methodology”” was selected for publication in the Journal of Ministry And Theology. Fall 2016, Vol. 20 Issue 2, pp.84-105.

From the Introduction

The purpose of this article is to analyze the hermeneutical approaches of several key eschatological positions concerning the book of Revelation, and in particular, the various Kingdom views associated with each approach. Thus the focus throughout is to expose each position’s supporting hermeneutical base that provides the spring board to their differing eschatological views. This is done with a view to comparing and contrasting each position’s hermeneutical method against the backdrop of a consistently literal, grammatical-historical interpretation which results with the eschatological view seeing the Kingdom of God as still awaiting a future and literal fulfillment—a position unique to the system known as Dispensational Premillennialism.

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