Prof. Cory M. Marsh’s Latest Book Review is in the Journal of The Evangelical Theological Society

Here is an excerpt:

As the title for the series makes clear, the goal for the book is to help readers discover the “big Greek idea” (or main exegetical point) of John’s epistles. The first prong breaks down each unit of Johannine thought into its main idea from the Greek text followed by a brief structural overview and a concise exegetical outline of the passage. The second prong consists of a clausal outline of the examined passage tracing the author’s logic, with both the NA28 Greek text and an English translation supplied along with corresponding key textual markers. The third prong is the actual exegetical commentary for each verse with a specific focus on semantic and syntactical considerations in each clause. Additionally, every section contains pertinent “nuggets” of set-apart commentary that provide relevant grammatical, lexical, syntactical,
and theological insights helping to explain the Greek text at a deeper level.

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