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Surprisingly, not much has been published addressing this topic. Filling the void, this highly accessible introduction to the subject answers why Christians need to be biblically literate, what biblical literacy is, and how it is achieved. Though interpretive challenges face every reader of Scripture, they need not keep believers from having confidence in the Bible’s clear teaching. The New Testament contends that we are to “be diligent” in our handling of the word of truth (2 Tim 2.15), which demands a level of awareness and proficiency. Guided by the principle that the Bible can—and should—be understood, A Primer on Biblical Literacy is a handy tool that will help readers achieve biblical literacy, and grow in their understanding of, and reverence for, God’s Word.

“Cory Marsh’s A Primer on Biblical Literacy cogently lays out the why, what, and how of studying God’s Word. Marsh persuasively argues that we need to be aware of what Scripture teaches and proficient in interpreting and applying it. Highly recommended!” – Dr. Andreas J. Köstenberger, Leading evangelical scholar, co-founder of Biblical Foundations, and author of Invitation to Biblical Interpretation 

Cory M. Marsh, Ph.D. is Professor of New Testament at Southern California Seminary (El Cajon, CA) and Scholar in Residence at Revolve Bible Church (San Juan Capistrano, CA). Cory and his wife Shannan have been married thirteen years and live in Mission Viejo, CA.

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