Prepare for Military Chaplaincy at Southern California Seminary

The Need for Chaplains with Counseling Skills

Chaplains with good counseling skills help Servicemen or women manage the difficulties that may arise because of the stresses and strains of their unique professions and family life. In today’s Military, the average Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Coast Guardsmen will deploy at least once in their time of service. Most will deploy multiple times in their military careers. This means, Servicemen and women carry a unique burden. They volunteer to meet the needs of our country requiring time, dedication, and devotion to duty, but along with these obligations they have personal commitments which need to be maintained. The demands of the military life create challenges for the Serviceman or woman. Couple that with the fact that they are generally deploying to combat zones and the immeasurable pressure that coincides with those deployments and one can instantly see the need for Chaplains who have been equipped to meet the needs of the modern Serviceman or woman.

Preparing for Chaplaincy at SCS

SCS prepares the candidate for chaplaincy both mentally and spiritually. We want to equip the chaplain candidate to bring the love of Christ to the difficult places that our troops go. We want to prepare you to live and minister biblically in those difficult places. In that light, we will help you gain graduate level proficiency in theological research and writing. We will teach you to articulate and defend a robust understanding of the foundational theological doctrines of the Christian faith. And when you finish, you will exhibit advanced skills for Christian leadership and ministry vocationally, and in the local Church.

Our Program Is Designed To Give You the Necessary Skills

For those students who want to work as Chaplains in an institutional setting such as in the military, we recommend completing a program of study that includes the Masters of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC) degree and the Master of Divinity (MDIV) degree. Students pursuing this course of study can expect to earn the MACC degree in the first two years of their program and continue seamlessly in the MDIV program. This requires no more than the 96 units of course work to complete the MDIV program. Together these programs provide a comprehensive education preparing the student for the various contingencies of serving as a Chaplain. Completing both the MDIV and MACC programs can lead toward certification in Christian counseling, or to becoming a Board or Associated Certified Chaplain. SCS is recognized by the National Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) and graduates are eligible for Association of Gospel Churches (AGC) military Chaplaincy endorsement. This program also qualifies for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs for those interested in pursuing hospital, prison or institutional ministries.


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