Librarian Jennifer Ewing Publishes in Christian Academia Magazine

Students experience many barriers to producing quality research. Library anxiety is one. They mistakenly believe that they should be able to navigate a library by the time they reach college, and they feel shame that they cannot. Alex Nunes suggests that this current generation of students has an additional level of complexity for library instruction: because they have great confidence in their own (untaught) research abilities, they tend to dismiss the value of libraries. Thus, they are not prepared to produce quality student research.

The San Diego Voyager Features our Graduate Student Margy Hill

My love for Christ and passion to help women fulfill their God-given purpose fueled the birth of the Women’s Ministry Connection in 2002. I desired to provide an environment where women leaders could connect to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith. Leadership can be a lonely place. Women give so freely of themselves to help others, but often lack a place where they can be refreshed. I also recognized the need to raise up and develop the next generation of leaders.

Prof. Cory M. Marsh Publishes A Review Article for The Journal of Dispensational Theology

In particular, his sed contra device provides a brilliant and engaging way to display the various nuances in Scripture precluding any notion of a flat storyline in God’s Word. This aspect makes the book exceptionally
thought-provoking, even fun to read. Scholars today, particularly dispensational thinkers, would do well to emulate Aquinas in this regard as too often Scripture can be overly systematized or domesticated in such a
fashion as to leave the impression of a facile product stripped of mystery.

Prof. Cory M. Marsh publishes a book review for Books At A Glance

Fueled by these core assumptions, the entire book presupposes the validity of a passage’s historically-intended meaning as well as the legitimacy of application beyond the original audience, something the author dubs: “transhistorical meaning”. It is this latter notion of application that is often critiqued by those appealing to sola Scriptura and its corollary of omni-sufficiency.


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