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Master of Theology (ThM)
124 units

Available On Campus, with Online Options

The Master of Theology (Th.M) program is a 124-unit course of instruction which is well suited for students who plan to pursue doctoral studies, wish to teach in an academic institution, and want to be more effective preachers and teachers of God’s Word. The degree can be completed in five years by taking 9 units each trimester.

The curriculum leading to the ThM degree is designed to help students develop a high level of competency in academic research by sharpening their exegetical and theological skills beyond the MDiv or its equivalent in preparation for:

1. Advanced study in a doctoral program such as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Theology (ThD).
2. Teaching ministry in institutional settings where doctoral-level credentials are not required; and
3. More effective teaching and preaching ministries in local church settings.

Upon successful completion of the Master of Theology program students will be able to:

1. Recite the general knowledge of the Old and New Testaments including the themes and a synthetic understanding of the major books.
2. Explain the historical development of Christian theology and philosophy.
3. Methodologically evaluate major theological views in the light of biblical theology and defend premillennial theology.
4. Demonstrate ability in the level of competency to exegete Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible.
5. Summarize a biblically based philosophy of Christian education and the role of the teacher.
6. Be prepared for advanced theological education.

Basic admission requirements and application procedures for the ThM program are the same as for all graduate programs at SCS (see Matriculation section of this catalog), with the following exceptions:

1. Applicants must present approved college and seminary degrees. The evaluation for admission to the ThM program includes a review of the applicant’s completed MDiv (or equivalent) coursework to ensure the appropriate academic preparation necessary to pursue the ThM degree. Transcripts of this work must show a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.
2. Applicants who are determined to be deficient in their previous coursework may be admitted to the program on a conditional status subject to their completion of identified deficiencies in addition to the program requirement. On acceptance, ThM students will receive a degree plan outlining what courses and how many units will be required for their program.
3. Applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of 9 credit hours of New Testament Greek and 6 credit hours of Old Testament Hebrew within three years prior to the date of matriculation, otherwise they must take a Greek and/or Hebrew qualifying exam. If students fail either of these qualifying exams, they must take Greek and/or Hebrew remedial courses during the first years of ThM residency and before taking the advanced exegetical courses.

The program is designed to be completed in five years. However, some students may require additional time, especially if remedial coursework is necessary. All coursework including thesis writing must be completed within ten years, beginning on the date of the student’s first registration for ThM courses at SCS. If the candidate cannot complete the program within this time frame, the candidate must make a written request for an extension to the Dean of Bible and Theology; failure to do so will be considered as withdrawal from the program.

Writing a thesis is the capstone project for the ThM candidate through which the student produces an acceptable piece of research evidencing a high degree of scholarly competence. The student must obtain approval of the thesis subject by the thesis advisor as early in the program of study as possible. Once the thesis subject is approved, the following two-step process begins.

1. The student registers for RS-891 Thesis Project 1 and prepares a thesis proposal which is comprised of a tentative title, a thesis statement, a prospectus (no more than six pages) that defines need, goals, and methodology of the research project, and a preliminary bibliography.
2. The student registers for RS-892 Thesis Project 2 and writes the thesis under the supervision of the adviser. Once the thesis is determined to be complete, the student defends the thesis before the thesis committee.

Each candidate for the ThM degree must meet the general graduation requirements and:

1. Complete 124 units of the prescribed curriculum and any remedial coursework.
2. Take at least 97 of the required 124 units through the ThM program at SCS.
3. Complete a thesis evidencing a high degree of scholarly competence.



Degrees that get you where you want to go

Southern California Seminary is more than just another Bible seminary, offering generic degrees in Ministry and Theology. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of biblical study and truth. Our distinctives cumulatively make our institution unique among biblical seminaries in a day and age where the Word of God is not taken at face value, and core doctrines are being diluted.

You have goals. Southern California Seminary can help you achieve them. Do you need a bachelor’s degree to help fulfill God’s call on your life? Do you need a master’s or doctoral degree to take the next step in your ministry or career? SCS has a program—either Online or On-Campus—designed to renew your mind and deepen your faith in Jesus Christ.

 SCS is seeking students with a hunger for learning about God and a desire to dig deeper into the Bible. From your first visit until your graduation, we will strive to support you in your spiritual growth, and prepare you to minister in the 21st century.

ThM Core Curriculum

BH-501 Hermeneutics
BH-801 Advanced Hermeneutics (Trimester)
HI-505  Church History and Canonicity (Trimester)
OT-511 Old Testament 1: Genesis-Judges
OT-512 Old Testament 2: Ruth-Song of Solomon
OT-513 Old Testament 3: Prophets
OT-821 Selected Study of the OT: Isaiah (Trimester)
NT-506 Gospels and Acts
NT-507 Pauline Epistles and Hebrews
NT-512 General Epistles and Revelation
NT-601 Analysis of Romans
NT-824 Selected Study of the NT: Galatians (Trimester)

PH-501 Critical Thinking and Argumentation
PH-503 History of Philosophy and Worldviews
PH-507 Christian Ethics and Leadership
PH-803 History of Christian Philosophy (Trimester)
PH-505 Apologetics and Christian Evidences
TH-508 Comparative Systems of Theology
TH-611 Theology 1: Theology Proper, and Angelology
TH-612 Theology 2: Anthropology, Hamartiology, and Soteriology
TH-613 Theology 3: Christology, and Pneumatology
TH-614 Theology 4: Ecclesiology, and Eschatology
TH-805 Advanced Theology: Theory and Praxis (Trimester)

BL-501 Elementary Greek 1 (Trimester)
BL-502 Elementary Greek 2 (Trimester)
BL-551 Elementary Hebrew 1 (Trimester)
BL-552 Elementary Hebrew 2 (Trimester)
BL-601 Intermediate Greek 1 (Trimester)
BL-602 Intermediate Greek 2 (Trimester)
Plus Either:
BL-651 Intermediate Hebrew 1 (Trimester)
BL-652 Intermediate Hebrew 2 (Trimester)
BL-701 New Testament Exegesis 1 (Trimester)
BL-702 New Testament Exegesis 2 (Trimester)

PM-505 Spiritual Growth and Discipleship
MI-507 Theological Foundations of Missions
BC-510 Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling
PM-701 Homiletics (Trimester)
CE-807 Faith, Scholarship, and Role of the Teacher
PM-781 Academic Internship 1 (Trimester)
PM-782 Academic Internship 2 (Trimester)

RS-501 Graduate Research and Writing
RS-801 Advanced Research and Writing Methodologies
RS-891 Thesis Project 1 (Trimester)
RS-892 Thesis Project 2 (Trimester)

Our Distinctives

Southern California Seminary is more than just another Bible seminary — more than just another Christian College or Christian University. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of biblical study and truth. Our distinctives cumulatively make our institution unique among biblical seminaries in a day and age where the Word of God is not taken at face value, and core doctrines are being diluted.

Our Mission

Southern California Seminary’s mission is to bring glory to God by assisting local churches to equip believers of various cultures and languages to live and minister biblically based on the inerrant Word of God. This equipping includes building biblical knowledge, Christian character, and ministry skills—all at modest tuition.

Our Purpose

Southern California Seminary is a private institution of higher education dedicated to teaching from the inerrant Word of God. Here you will learn about God from His book – the Bible. As a ministry of Shadow Mountain Community Church, under the leadership of Dr. David Jeremiah, SCS offers the highest quality of biblical education with a tuition that is refreshingly affordable.

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