Master of Arts in

Science & Religion

Master of Arts in
Science & Religion (MASR)
60 units

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The Master of Arts in Science and Religion (MASR) program provides graduate-level biblical, theological, and philosophical instruction related to scientific inquiry as well as the disparity of conclusions which emerge from naturalistic and theistic presuppositions. This program of study is most useful for persons seeking to focus their education in the interdisciplinary union of the philosophy or religion and science and provides students the biblical, theological, and scientific foundation that is crucial for bridging the chasm between faith and science and engaging in the interdisciplinary practice of philosophical, scientific, and religious studies. By offering 12 units of electives as part of the curriculum, the MASR program allows students to focus on a particular area. The program can be completed in about two years if students take 9-12 units each trimester.

Southern California Seminary has taken an active interest in the achievements of the Creation/Evolution community since 2012. SCS hosted its 1st Creation Conference in January, 2013, “Why Origins Matter,” the “Did God Use Evolution?“ debate in September, 2013, and the “Debunking Darwin” creation conference in January, 2014.

The MASR degree is primarily designed to prepare students for:

1. Parachurch, educational, or non-Christian vocations where a well-developed understanding of the interplay between faith and science is desired;
2. Interdisciplinary dialogue concerning such relevant issues as origins, the age of the universe, and the fidelity of Scripture in light of scientific discovery;
3. Post-graduate studies leading to a terminal degree such as Doctor of Philosophy in Science and Religion.

Upon successful completion of the Master of Arts in Science and Religion program students will be able to:

1. Interpret the content of the Old and New Testaments utilizing a literal-grammatical-historical hermeneutic;
2. Demonstrate a graduate-level proficiency in research and writing across multiple disciplines related to science and religion;
3. Exhibit a breadth of knowledge in the history and philosophy of science and develop skills in relevant scientific methods;
4. Manifest a stronger and broader intellectual base for integrating contemporary science with Christianity;
5. Synthesize biblical and scientific knowledge for expounding truth and renouncing errors in a variety of settings; and
6. Provide leadership in a variety of ministry contexts inside and outside of the local church.

Each candidate for the MASR degree must meet the general graduation requirements and complete 60 units of graduate-level courses of which no more than 12 units can be transferred from another institution.

1. Complete 60 units of graduate-level courses.
2. Complete a minimum of 48 units at SCS. Students are urged to follow the recommended curriculum to prevent scheduling conflicts later on.
3. Prepare a thesis defining the need, goals, and methodology of the research project which involves either (i) the study of issues at the intersection of religion and science; or (ii) making religion the object of study by means of the physical, biological, and psychological sciences.
4. Complete the program curriculum with no less than a 2.0 GPA.
5. Submit a petition to graduate to the Registrar by the deadline in the Academic Calendar.
6. Settle all financial obligations to SCS.
7. Be recommended by the faculty based on demonstrated moral integrity.



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Southern California Seminary is more than just another Bible seminary, offering generic degrees in Ministry and Theology. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of biblical study and truth. Our distinctives cumulatively make our institution unique among biblical seminaries in a day and age where the Word of God is not taken at face value, and core doctrines are being diluted.

You have goals. Southern California Seminary can help you achieve them. Do you need a bachelor’s degree to help fulfill God’s call on your life? Do you need a master’s or doctoral degree to take the next step in your ministry or career? SCS has a program—either Online or On-Campus—designed to renew your mind and deepen your faith in Jesus Christ.

 SCS is seeking students with a hunger for learning about God and a desire to dig deeper into the Bible. From your first visit until your graduation, we will strive to support you in your spiritual growth, and prepare you to minister in the 21st century.

MA Science & Religion
Core Curriculum

NS 510 Fundamentals of Natural Science
SR-551 Philosophy of Science & Religion
SR-553 Historical Perspective in Science and Religion
SR-555 Creation and Evolution: The Bible, Science, and Worldviews
SR-651 The Genesis Flood and the Geological Record
SR-653 Astronomy, Cosmology, and the Bible
SR-655 Understanding Darwin: His Life, Science, and Impact

PH-501 Critical Thinking and Argumentation
PH-503 History of Philosophy and Worldviews
PH-505 Apologetics and Christian Evidences
PH-507 Comparative Systems of Theology

BI-500 Bible Survey
BH-501 Hermeneutics
NT-601 Analysis of Romans

RS-501 Graduate Research and Writing
RS-791 Thesis Writing (two trimesters)

Elective 1: _______________
Elective 2: _______________
Elective 3: _______________

Our Distinctives

Southern California Seminary is more than just another Bible seminary — more than just another Christian College or Christian University. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of biblical study and truth. Our distinctives cumulatively make our institution unique among biblical seminaries in a day and age where the Word of God is not taken at face value, and core doctrines are being diluted.

Our Mission

Southern California Seminary’s mission is to bring glory to God by assisting local churches to equip believers of various cultures and languages to live and minister biblically based on the inerrant Word of God. This equipping includes building biblical knowledge, Christian character, and ministry skills—all at modest tuition.

Our Purpose

Southern California Seminary is a private institution of higher education dedicated to teaching from the inerrant Word of God. Here you will learn about God from His book – the Bible. As a ministry of Shadow Mountain Community Church, under the leadership of Dr. David Jeremiah, SCS offers the highest quality of biblical education with a tuition that is refreshingly affordable.

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