Master of Arts in

Marriage & Family Therapy



The curriculum leading to the MAMFT degree is designed to prepare students for working with couples and families as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California. The MAMFT degree teaches students to incorporate popular family systems theories with other psychological, empirically validated theories and techniques to tailor effective therapy for each individual, couple, or family.


Upon successful completion of the MAMFT program the student will be able to:

  1. Apply a variety of evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques and modalities that may be utilized to improve, restore, or maintain healthy individual, couple and family relationships.
  2. Identify and apply cross-cultural mores and values to effective therapy, including the wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds common among California’s population.
  3. Demonstrate values such as integrity, sensitivity, flexibility, insight, compassion and Christian ethical standards of conduct throughout the academic process.
  4. Prove competency in the assessment and treatment of diverse people groups within a recovery-oriented philosophy.
  5. Bring glory to God by understanding and applying biblical truth to the study and application of marriage and family therapy.


Each candidate for the MAMFT degree must meet the general graduation requirements and:

  1. Complete 63 total units of graduate level courses with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  2. Complete an additional pre-requisite 9 units of master’s level biblical foundation courses. These courses may be taken prior to or concurrently with MAMFT studies.
  3. Be recommended by the faculty based on demonstrated moral integrity and clinical competency. A quorum of at least six Behavioral Sciences faculty (including the Dean and the Practicum Internship professor) must agree to recommend the student for graduation.



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Southern California Seminary is more than just another Bible seminary, offering generic degrees in Ministry and Theology. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of biblical study and truth. Our distinctives cumulatively make our institution unique among biblical seminaries in a day and age where the Word of God is not taken at face value, and core doctrines are being diluted.

You have goals. Southern California Seminary can help you achieve them. Do you need a bachelor’s degree to help fulfill God’s call on your life? Do you need a master’s or doctoral degree to take the next step in your ministry or career? SCS has a program—either Online or On-Campus—designed to renew your mind and deepen your faith in Jesus Christ.

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MA Marriage & Family Therapy
Core Curriculum

MAMFT Core Courses – 46 units

  • CO-501 Counseling Theory 1
  • CO-504 Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • CO-505 Human Growth and Development
  • CO-506 Counseling Techniques
  • CO-507 Crisis and Suicide Risk Intervention
  • CO-508 Psychopathology
  • CO-509 Premarital and Marital Counseling
  • CO-516 Law and Professional Ethics in MFT
  • CO-608 Research and Program Evaluations
  • CO-611 Cross-cultural Mores and Values
  • CO-612 Approaches to the Treatment of Children
  • CO-618 Group Counseling
  • CO-619 Counseling Process
  • CO-621 Assessment Techniques in MFT Clinical Practice
  • CO-625 Advanced Case Management
  • CO-774 Psychopharmacology

Counseling Practicum – 9 units

  • CO-771 Counseling Practicum 1
  • CO-772 Counseling Practicum 2
  • CO-773 Counseling Practicum 3
  • CO-778 Practicum Continuance (optional)

Training for Licensure Preparation* – 8 units

  • CO-613 Ethics of Sexual Care and Human Sexuality
  • CO-614 Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • CO-615 Child, Spousal/Partner Abuse
  • CO-620 Dependent Adult, Elder Care, and Aging

*As required by the Board of Behavioral Science.

Biblical Foundations – 9 units

  • BC-600 Faith Integration and Praxis
  • BH-207 Inductive Bible Study
  • BH-501 Hermeneutics

Our Distinctives

Southern California Seminary is more than just another Bible seminary — more than just another Christian College or Christian University. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of biblical study and truth. Our distinctives cumulatively make our institution unique among biblical seminaries in a day and age where the Word of God is not taken at face value, and core doctrines are being diluted.

Our Mission

Southern California Seminary’s mission is to bring glory to God by assisting local churches to equip believers of various cultures and languages to live and minister biblically based on the inerrant Word of God. This equipping includes building biblical knowledge, Christian character, and ministry skills—all at modest tuition.

Our Purpose

Southern California Seminary is a private institution of higher education dedicated to teaching from the inerrant Word of God. Here you will learn about God from His book – the Bible. As a ministry of Shadow Mountain Community Church, under the leadership of Dr. David Jeremiah, SCS offers the highest quality of biblical education with a tuition that is refreshingly affordable.

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