Manuscript Donation from Tirana, Albania

As you know, the library receives many donations throughout the year. Here are some notable mentions. The library was pleased, nay thrilled, to find that a DSM-2 (1968, 1978 printing) was given to the library.The library also just received from Dr. Coombs The Illuminated Gospel of Korça, which is a facsimile of one hundred Byzantine and post-Byzantine manuscripts preserved today in the Central State Archives of Tirana, Albania.

The codex bearing the number 93, housed today at the State Archive of Tirana, Albania, is one of the approximately 100 Byzantine and Post-Byzantine manuscripts that were brought out from obscure neglect with the change of the regime in this country. The codex dates on the 10th century and contains the text of the four Gospels. Historically, the manuscript is placed at the centre of the Macedonian period, a time when Byzantium experienced the height of its power and glory. It was produced in Constantinople, but was used at the Metropoly of Korça, where it constituted a holy artefact for many centuries. On one hand it gives us an interesting view of the artistic trends at the scriptoria of Constantinople during the period known as Macedonian Renascence, on the other hand it bears witness to the connection between the territory that nowadays constitutes Albania and the cultural centre of Byzantium. For these reasons it takes a distinguished place between those manuscripts that through centuries were used and preserved in the Albanian area.

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