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Southern California Seminary welcomes international students. In addition to meeting all traditional admissions requirements, international students must also meet the requirements for acceptance as F-1 (nonimmigrant) students by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (USINS).

The admission process for an international student takes more time and planning. It is recommended that international students begin the application process as early as possible. All parts of a student’s application should be received by SCS six months before the beginning of the fall or spring trimester in which he/she wishes to begin his/her studies. No international students will be accepted to begin classes in the middle of any trimester.


The Admissions Office will thoroughly review the student’s completed application and notify him/her of its decision. Only completed applications with the application fee paid may be considered. Apply online here. Upon notification of acceptance, deposit $1,000 (U.S. dollars, refundable) with SCS to be applied toward the first trimester’s tuition and registration.

  • Applications must be completed at least 3 months prior to the start of any trimester.
  • International students must have a valid passport from their country of residence, including any family members who will be attending on an F-2 visa.
  • Complete all relevant information for submission to SEVIS including financial proof of support for the first year of school costs, including room and board.

Once all requirements of SEVIS are met, the student will be issued I-20 From SCS. Then all international students must go on line and pay the SEVIS I-901 fee, and then set up an appointment at the local U.S. Consulate for a non-immigrant interview in order to be issued an F-1 student visa. This would include all family members traveling to the us with the student who would need an F-2 visa to enter the US.


All applicants and enrolled students whose primary language is not English, regardless of citizenship, must demonstrate English language proficiency.

  • Undergraduates: Test of English as a Foreign language (TOEFL) score of 64 iBT or higher (173 CBT, 6 IELTS) and a satisfactory Test of Written English (TWE), each taken not more than two years prior to the date of application.
  • Graduates: A TOEFL score of 79 iBT or higher (213 CBT, 6.5 IELTS) and a satisfactory Test of Written English (TWE), each taken not more than two years prior to the date of application.
  • Applicants with a satisfactory assessment score may continue the enrollment process and take courses as soon as enrollment is completed. Applicants with an unsatisfactory assessment score are prohibited from registering for courses taught in a language other than their native language until adequate preparatory studies are successfully completed.

SCS may require language assessment as a condition for admission or continuation and reserves the right to make the final determination in such cases. Students who fail to show sufficient mastery of English (or other subjects) will be required to do further preparatory work until ready to continue their studies.


  • A TOEFL score is not necessary for students who have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from an American college or university deemed acceptable by SCS.
  • Students enrolling in a non-English degree – such as the Korean Biblical Studies Program, are not required to demonstrate English language proficiency.


Application requirements are the same as first time international student. The student at the time of application must also provide proof and submit copies of the following documents, including any F-2 family members.:

  1. Valid Passport form country of residence. (including all family members)
  2. Copies of all F-1 and F-2 visas, as well I-94 stamp or written documentation.
  3. Current I-20 issued from school transferring from.
  4. Proof of Financial support

Once the student is accepted, the Transfer -in document will be issued for the school that the student is presently attending. The students SEVIS record will then be transferred to SCS in time for the student attendance at the beginning of the trimester.

It is important to know that SCS will not accept any terminated SEVIS records that require reinstatement procedures. Any reinstatement procedure must be completed prior to application.


SCS will not be responsible for students’ medical or hospitalization expenses. If students do not have proof of coverage at the time of registration, they will not be allowed to attend classes. More information about health insurance may be obtained from the Admissions Office.


Contacts & Further Information:

For more information, please read our current Academic Catalog. To begin the process, Apply Online Now. Please direct any questions to Dr. Bob Wilson at
or 619-590-2114.

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