Forged from Reformation: A Review and Podcast Discussing its Importance

Shawn Wilson positively reviewed Forged from Reformation earlier this month. Here is what Shawn wrote:

Rev Reads reviews Forged from Reformation. Written for the 500th Anniversary of the first Reformation Day on October 31, 1517, Forged From Reformation shows How Dispensational Though Advances the Reformed Legacy. The authors of the book did a wonderful job connecting Dispensationalism to the Reformation. Far from leaving the principles of the Reformation, Dispensationalism advanced the principles of the Reformation. Dispensationalism is the Reformation when it is Always Reforming.

It can be viewed here: Forged from Reformation: A Book Review. Wilson also interviewed several of the of authors Forged From Reformation to discuss How Dispensationalism came from the Reformation. Wilson writes, “Dispensationalists should be thrilled to celebrate the Reformation since we continue the traditions of the Reformation up to today.” He hosted a podcast with the a few of the authors: Dr. Pat Belvill, Dr. James Fazio, Dr. Cory Marsh, and Dr. Christopher Cone which can be viewed here. How the Reformation Gave Birth to Dispensationalism.  The second half of the interview can be viewed here



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