Video Debate on the Divinity of Jesus and Trinity of God


About the Debate

Southern California Seminary Professor of Biblical Studies and Pastor of Casa de Oro Baptist Church, Ron Barnes, engaged in a public debate with Rommel San Pedro, a leader from Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC), on the subject of the deity of Jesus. INC affirms that Jesus is not God in human form and denies the triune nature of God. In this lively debate, Professor Barnes appeals to the authority of God’s inerrant Word, the Bible, to defend Jesus’ deity as well as the Triune Nature of the one true God. Viewing the debate can be a helpful tool to equip Christians to proclaim who Jesus is and the gospel of the grace of God.



Each video below presents the debate in its chronological order.


Dr. Ronald G. Barnes Ph.D.

Dr. Ronald G. Barnes Ph.D.

Professor of Biblical Studies

Ronald Barnes is a professor of Biblical Studies at Southern California Seminary (SCS) in El Cajon, CA. In addition he is also Pastor of Casa de Oro Baptist Church in Spring Valley, CA. Prior to working at SCS Ron was a Professor of Biblical Studies at San Diego Christian college (SDCC) from 1991-2009.

Ron received his BA in Biblical Studies from SDCC, and his Th.M from Dallas Theological Seminary. In addition he earned his Ph.D in Systematic Theology from SCBC&S. He has also published two books called, A Hero’s Welcome, and On The Edge of Their Seats. When Ron is not teaching he enjoys playing piano and guitar.