Overview of the Academic Calendar

The academic year continues year-round from September 1 through August 31. It is composed of fall, spring, and summer trimesters. Each trimester is composed of two modules. Generally, 3- unit courses are designed to fit within a module (7 sessions in length) or a trimester (14 sessions in length). The start and stop dates of module courses do not fall precisely at the start and stop dates of every other month, but the table approximates how the academic year is set.

Registration & Course Participation

​Populi is the learning management system used by SCS that gives you direct access to everything including course registration, billing, grades, transcripts, coursework, and contact information. You should have received a long-in user name and temporary password when you were accepted to SCS. Note, this user name and password is different from the @socalsem.edu email address. If you want us to resend the registration information, please use the email box below to request a new login.

Current and Upcoming Courses

Below is the current schedule for Undergraduate, Grad. Bible & Theology, and Grad. Behavioral Science are provided below. You can select from the current Mod or the upcoming Mod. Please note, this schedule is subject to change. Please consult your student advisor to ensure proper registration to complete your degree program in a timely manner. Access to the syllabus for each course is available in Populi.

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