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Our purpose is to glorify our Creator by equipping believers and engaging culture through creation apologetics research, education, and outreach.

Why science and religion?

Our medieval ancestors regarded theology as “The Queen of the Sciences.” It was out from the domains of theology and philosophy that the scientific revolution emerged in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Consequently, early scientists were almost universally theists seeking to gain greater understanding of the wonder and order of God’s creation – a curiosity which was provoked through the careful reading of God’s Word. Within a few centuries naturalists demanded emancipation and set-out to erect an impassable wall between the domains of theology, philosophy, and science, atop which they have sat as self-appointed sentries. This heedless impasse has stifled the scientific community from being able to address some of the most pressing questions of our day, such as origins and distinctive nature of humanity.

We believe that the book of Genesis presents a historically accurate account of the origin of man, the fall of Adam and Eve, and consequently the entire human race, the worldwide flood, the call of Abraham, and the origin of God’s chosen people, Israel. Included in this is our belief that special creation of the existing universe, consisting of time, space, and matter, was accomplished in six literal, twenty-four hour days, as detailed in Genesis chapter one.

Do you want to study science & theology?

You can do both by enrolling in our Master of Arts in Science and Religion (MASR) degree program.


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