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Jennifer Ewing is Published in Persuasions On-Line

As the Wheel Turns: Horse-Drawn Vehicles in Jane Austen’s Novels   Jennifer S. Ewing Jennifer S. Ewing (email:, Library Director at Southern California Seminary, El Cajon, CA, grew up around horses and carriages, spending her summers working in her father’s blacksmith-wheelwright shop.  Pursuing a third master’s degree in Language and Literature (Tolkien Studies) at Signum …

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Dispensationalism, Race, and Social Justice

Dr. James Fazio and Prof. Cory M.Marsh will be presenting papers at the Council of Dispensational Hermeneutics. The title of the conference is: “Dispensationalism, Social Justice, and Race.” The papers will be delivered at Calvary University, Belton, Missouri (Kansas City Area) on September 18-19, 2019. The contents are linked below. Dispensational Thought as Motivation for …

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The Pastor and Doctrine: Some Reflections by Dr. Jeremiah Mutie

The Pastor and Doctrine: Some Reflections, part 1 By Dr. Jeremiah Mutie             Once in a while, one hears a casual remark—sometimes by pastors and other church leaders—to the effect that we should not concentrate on doctrine because it is divisive. Rather, the church should concentrate on other matters that are less divisive—like worship and …

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And They Lived Happily Ever After: The Fairy Tale Destiny of the Church

Harold Willmington identifies seven events in the “glorious destiny of the church.” This destiny is where ecclesiology and eschatology intersect. The destiny of the church includes the rapture, the distribution of rewards, the marriage and marriage supper, co-reigning, a new home, and being an eternal illustration of God’s glory. Each future event will be briefly described, followed by a discussion of the nature of fairy tale and truth, and conclude with a review of three princess tales which suggest some relation to this destiny.

Librarian Jennifer Ewing Publishes in Christian Academia Magazine

Students experience many barriers to producing quality research. Library anxiety is one. They mistakenly believe that they should be able to navigate a library by the time they reach college, and they feel shame that they cannot. Alex Nunes suggests that this current generation of students has an additional level of complexity for library instruction: because they have great confidence in their own (untaught) research abilities, they tend to dismiss the value of libraries. Thus, they are not prepared to produce quality student research.

Never Stop Preaching the Old Testament!

Preaching from the Old Testament is not too popular these days. Some well-known, influential pastors have even discouraged the practice. To call such efforts tragic would be an understatement—especially when one considers the theological richness of the narrative, prophetic, and wisdom literature of the First Testament (aka, Old Testament). Moreover, bearing in mind the apostle Paul’s own reverence for “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27), how dishonoring it must be to God, His holy Word, and even the office of the pastorate that a man leading a multitude of souls (Heb 13:17) would ever counsel other Christians against preaching and teaching the First Testament.

The Ins and Outs of Self Publishing: Your Plan, Your Pick

Blogging is one of the most empowering tools available to aspiring authors looking to hone their craft. The internet offers a place where writers get instantaneous feedback on how readers perceive their words. The road from simple blog to shrewd book, however, is an intricate journey where serious writers must become skilled wordsmiths. In this workshop, Dr. Miller shares blogging strategies and techniques to set writers on the course to publishing success.


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