Prof. Cory M. Marsh will present a paper at the ETS Far-West Regional

Prof. Cory M. Marsh


Title: Christ and the Covenants: Recipient, Fulfillment, or Mediator?


            The notion of covenant is both popular and controversial within biblical theology. Systems divide over whether the Scripture contains covenants not directly labeled as such. Further, occupying the center of the debate on all sides, are questions related to Jesus Christ and His relationship or involvement in each of the biblically-stated covenants. Hermeneutical implications raise questions such as: Are all the covenants fulfilled in Jesus rendering them forever satisfied? Does Scripture present Jesus as the main or even sole-recipient of the covenants, and if so, which ones? Is Jesus the mediator or dispenser of the covenants? Is there an aspect where Jesus assumes all three roles without collapsing their promised future fulfillment in national Israel?

This paper will explore and answer these questions and will defend the final option presented above: Jesus relates to the biblical covenants as recipient, fulfillment, and/or mediator—and does so without collapsing any promised future for national Israel. In order to advance this thesis, the paper’s method will be driven by a consistent, grammatical-historical hermeneutic and its application limited to four of the seven of the directly-stated biblical covenants in the OT, typically identified by their biblical nomen: Abrahamic, Mosaic; Davidic; and New Covenant.





Cory M. Marsh, Th.M. is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Southern California Seminary in El Cajon, CA. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Jeremiah Mutie will present a Paper at the Evangelical Theological Society Far West Regional 2019

Dr. Jeremiah Mutie

Title: The Meaning of the Death of Christ in Valentinian Gnosticism

The thesis of this paper is that although Valentinian Gnosticism, the earliest and the most successful of all the Gnostic schools of thought, talks about the death of Christ and His work on the cross using NT terminology, in the final analysis, it ascribes an overly-spiritualized and mythological meaning to these events, meanings that are foreign to NT authors. Furthermore, there seems to be a demonstrable progression in the Valentinian interpretation of the death of Christ from a more historical interpretation with the earliest writings to more mythological interpretations in the latter treatises. Methodologically, the argument of the paper is advanced through a careful examination of the relevant Valentinian texts, progressing from the earliest to the latest. These include (but are not limited to) The Gospel of Truth (NHC I,3), The Gospel of Philip (NHC II,3), The Tripartite Tractate (NHC I,5), The Interpretation of Knowledge (NHC XI,1), A Valentinian Exposition (NHC XI,2) and the Treatise on Resurrection [the Epistle to Rheginos] (NHC I,4).[1]

[1] The numberings follow the standard numbering method used in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures (International Edition).

Dr. Ward Crocker will present a Paper at the Evangelical Theological Society Far West Regional 2019


Dr. Ward Crocker


Dr. Ward Crocker will be presenting a paper at the ETS Far West Regional Event. The event theme is A Conversation on Reading the Old Testament: Hermeneutics and Implications and the plenary speakers are Dr. Daniel I. Block, Wheaton College, and Dr. Craig Bartholomew, Tyndale House, Cambridge. Please be sure that you register for the event at your earliest convenience. The ETS Far West Regional event is in Riverside, CA on March 29. 2019 at California Baptist University  The registration page can be found at

Title: 2 Peter 2:20 Conditionally Speaking: Reconsidering the Hypothetical in this Verse

Abstract:  Whereas most exegetes consider the hypothetical in 2 Peter 2:20 as true, this paper argues that there are good reasons to conclude the first-class condition is actually false. After sketching the main views on 2 Peter 2:20, this paper reviews the first-class condition and then moves on to establish why the condition should be considered false (e.g., 1 Cor. 15:12–14). If this proposed view of 2 Peter 2:20 is accurate, the controversies surrounding this passage (apostasy of the false teachers, conflicting views of the salvific language [ἐνἐπιγνώσει τοῦ κυρίου καὶ σωτῆρος Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ- by the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ], and even some creative theology such as regarding the believers as redeemed but not saved) will no longer be a factor and Peter’s case against fellowship with false teachers is further strengthened. One goal of this paper is to expose the need for better understanding of conditional clauses and their rhetorical force on passages such as 2 Peter 2:20.



Dr. Joe Miller will present a paper at the Evangelical Philosophical Society Far West Regional 2019

Title: Theistic Evolution and Emergent Personhood: Challenges from Moreland’s Thomistic-Like Dualism

Dr Miller will be presenting his latest research into personhood at the upcoming meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society far west region on Friday, March 29, 2019, at Cal Baptist University, Riverside, CA. Use the link below to register for EPS meeting (which runs concurrently with the ETS regional meeting) and come listen to the presentation.


Advocates of Theistic Evolution (TE) regard personhood (a term often used to entail the mind and soul) as an emergent property tied fully to material biological systems. In 2018, William Hasker argued—based on what he considers the incontrovertible ‘fact’ of evolution—that the soul is not a creation of God, but an emergent property dependent on the development of the brain and “generated naturally as a result of the structure and functioning of the biological organism” (Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism, 130). Theistic evolutionists, like Hasker, approach metaphysics with a teleological worldview, yet accept teleonomic neo-Darwinian (ND) naturalism as the epistemological litmus test, and essential hermeneutic, for Christian theology and ontology. Building on this foundation, Hasker concludes that all iterations of Thomistic Dualism (TD) fail to explain personhood because they conflict with chemical and biological evolution. This paper will argue, contra Hasker, J.P. Moreland’s Thomistic-like Dualism (TLD) provides a coherent ontological basis for understanding personhood which is consistent in its teleology and consequently a more cogent hermeneutic for understanding both Christian theology and human biology

About the Meeting

The far west regional meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society will take place Friday, March 29, 2019, at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, CA, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the far west region of the Evangelical Theological Society. In conjunction with the ETS, the theme is focused on “A Conversation on Reading the Old Testament: Hermeneutics and Implications.”

Conference Speakers: Dr. Daniel I. Block, Wheaton College and Dr. Craig Bartholomew, Tyndale House, Cambridge

Quia Scriptores Christian Writers Conference 2019

Quia Scriptores Christian Writers Conference 2019
WHEN: Saturday, March 30, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM PDT
WHERE: Shadow Mountain Community Church – 2100 Greenfield Dr., El Cajon, CA 92019  
Quia Scriptores (Latin: “for writers”) is a one-day conference designed for Christian writers who are interested in improving their craft. Whether you are a published author looking to expand your platform, or a novice, excited to learn how to get started writing, this conference offers something for everyone!
  • Nationally Recognized Speakers
  • Multiple Break-Out Sessions
  • Christian Writer’s Resource Manual
  • Local and National Publishers
  • Tools for New and Experienced Authors



H. WAYNE HOUSE is recognized among the most respected names in Evangelical Christian publishing. For over three decades he has authored and edited numerous titles for leading Christian publishers, including Baker Books, Zondervan, and others. Besides his illustrious career as an author, Wayne started Lampion Press which publishes a wide range of Christian fiction and non-fiction titles from an assortment of up-and-coming Christian authors.

  • Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine (Zondervan, 1992)
  • The Evangelical Dictionary of World Religions(Baker Books, 2019)

Plenary Session: “Sage Advice for Up-and-Coming Christian Writers”


COSTI W. HINN is the Executive Pastor of Mission Bible Church in Orange County, CA. He is passionate about equipping Christians to live boldly for Jesus Christ. Due to his background and expertise, he educates people around the world on strategies for dealing with the prosperity gospel. His work has been featured on CNN, Christianity Today, and in numerous other publications. He resides in Irvine, CA with his wife and three children.

  • Defining Deception (SCS Press, 2018)
  • God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel (Zondervan, 2019) 

Plenary Session: “Finding Time to Write Amidst Your Busy Schedule”






JAMES I. FAZIO has been an educator for over 20 years, working in both public and private sectors. He has taught high school English and college writing classes and is the author of several books and articles. Currently, he is conducting post-doctoral research in the U.K. at Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the life and impact of John Nelson Darby (1800-1882). Together with his wife, Amy, they homeschool their four children.

  • Two Commissions (SCS Press, 2015)
  • Forged from Reformation (SCS Press, 2017)

Break-out Session: “Where Do I Start? Writing for Beginners”

You have a story to tell and a unique voice to be heard, only you’re not sure where to begin… You are not alone! There isn’t a single writer who hasn’t experienced anxiety and uncertainty over taking that next important step to see their creation come to life. In this workshop Dr. Fazio will present 10 practical, easy-to-follow steps for the beginning writer to take his/her idea from concept to completion.

J.R.MILLER serves as the director of SCS Press, as such, he has led the editorial review board for all of its publications, to date. An accomplished writer in his own right, Dr. Miller has successfully navigated the world of self-publishing as well as major national publishing houses. With over twenty years of pastoral experience, including two church plants, Joe has authored multiple books on church leadership among other research interests.
  • Elders Lead a Healthy Family (Wipf & Stock, 2017)
  • Holy Spirit Book (SCS Press, 2019)

BREAKOUT SESSION: “The Ins and Outs of Self Publishing: Your Plan, Your Pick”

Dr. Miller self-published his first book, A Comprehensive Guide to Church Construction, in 1994 and today serves as the Director for SCSPress. A lot has changed since that time in the world of publishing: the tools for authors are more accessible, the costs are manageable, and self-published books are far more respectable. In this workshop, Dr. Miller will draw from his 20+ years of publishing experience to share both a strategy and detailed process for anyone looking to self-publish in the age of Amazon. 

BREAKOUT SESSION: “From Blog to Book: Taking the Next Step”

Blogging is one of the most empowering tools available to aspiring authors looking to hone their craft. The internet offers a place where writers get instantaneous feedback on how readers perceive their words. The road from simple blog to shrewd book, however, is an intricate journey where serious writers must become skilled wordsmiths. In this workshop, Dr. Miller shares blogging strategies and techniques to set writers on the course to publishing success.

JENNIFER EWING is the Library Director for Southern California Seminary and the copy and layout editor for SCS Press. While she earned a B.A. in History from Christian Heritage College, nearly every elective was an English class. She currently attends Signum University, working towards her third master’s degree, this time in Literature and Language with an emphasis in Tolkien Studies. She someday hopes to have time to finish a scrapbook of her Lord of the Rings trip to New Zealand in 2012; a tour fondly called by the group, “A Long Expected Journey.” Her provost tells everyone she is going to wizarding school, while her students consider her to be a grand master in the dark arts of Turabian (the style manual)—it says so on the nameplate on her desk.

Ewing, Jennifer. (2018). “The bitter watches of the night: From Anne Elliot to Éowyn Of Rohan—crossing frontiers from the home front to the battlefront,” presentation at Mythmoot V: Fantastic Frontiers, National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA, June 2018.

Ewing, Jennifer, and Ruth Martin. (2016). “Using your library’s objectives as the organizational framework for library documentation in planning, assessment, and accreditation.” The Christian Librarian 59(2): 244-255.

Jones, Alison R., and Jennifer S. Ewing. (2012-2013). “Can memoirs be used for spiritual development?” The Christian Librarian 55-56(2-1): 2-4.

BREAKOUT SESSION:Reading to Write: Making Key Connections Between Reading and Writing

LEROY HILL is a pastor who has years of experience in helping churches and ministries acquire and maintain a strong social media presence. With Hootsuite and Hubspot certifications, his intimate knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In, has helped his clients to present a consistent message across platforms. Leroy graduated with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies and a Masters in Philosophy and Apologetics at Southern California Seminary. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Theology. Leroy is the senior admissions officer at the Seminary and is an integral member of the social media team.


The world of social media can get complicated for anyone. Writers ask questions like: which platform should I use; how should I market myself; where do I begin? This workshop will answer those questions and provide easy steps that the writer can immediately apply toward the goal of establishing an online presence.


MARGY HILL is an author and Bible teacher of life-changing Bible studies and curriculum for women. Over the last ten years, her studies have been widely used in churches throughout the United States. She is also the founder of the Women’s Ministry Connection, a North County organization that provides training and leadership development for women in the local church. Because of Margy’s passion and experience in women’s ministry, she is a frequently requested speaker for retreats, seminars, and conferences. Margy recently graduated with her Bachelors in Biblical Studies and is currently pursuing her Masters in Christian Counseling at Southern California Seminary. She is also the student advisor and assistant to the Dean of Bible and Theology.

BREAKOUT SESSION: “For Women: Writing to Change Lives”

What if changing lives became the primary focus of your writing? How would that goal bring fresh passion and purpose to your efforts? In this engaging and interactive workshop for women, discover five ways you can begin to transform lives with your writing.


PETER VIK teaches Biblical studies and Greek at San Diego Christian College. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing, practicing martial arts and spending as much time as possible enjoying the magnificent hiking trails in Southern California. His first young adult fiction novel, Hope, was released in 2016 with Ettelloc Publishing. It is the first book in a series of three. The second and third novels are forthcoming through the same editor.

  • Hope (Ettelloc Publishing, 2016)
  • Light and Darkness (Ettelloc Publishing, 2019)

BREAKOUT SESSION:”Fantasy Fiction: Writing the Unreal”


CORY MARSH, a frequent conference speaker, has been published in academic journals, books, and scholarly sites focusing on Christian theology, philosophy, history, and biblical languages. He is a member of The Evangelical Theological Society, The Evangelical Philosophical Society, The Society of Biblical Literature, and the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics. Additionally, Cory is a founding member of the Center for Dispensational Thought, an academic publishing imprint at Southern California Seminary where he also serves as Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies. Cory and his wife Shannan of 10 years are members of Mission Bible Church in Tustin, CA.

BREAKOUT SESSION: “Writing for Academic Journals: Goals for Your Papers”

Publishing in journals has become the traditional way of accomplishing two goals in academia: contribution to an existing body of knowledge at a premier level; and elevation of a writer’s institution’s status. As such, theological journals demand the highest caliber of expression for writers offering ideas advancing Christian scholarship. Author and seminary professor Cory M. Marsh will present in this workshop the basic expectations of academic writing necessary for Christian authors to take their research and institution to the foremost level of recognition—publication in academic journals