Books At a Glance: A Review of Forged From Reformation

Forged From Reformation

A Book Review from Books at a Glance

By Paul A. Himes

Christopher Cone and James I. Fazio, of Calvary University (Kansas City, MO) and Southern California Seminary (El Cajon, CA), respectively, have assembled an impressive array of dispensational writers to explore dispensationalism in light of the Reformation. The goal of the book is to explain “how, five-hundred years later, dispensational thought upholds and advances the legacy of the Reformation unlike any other theological system in Christian tradition” (8). As such, this book represents an important and unique contribution to both dispensational scholarship and the history of modern theology. While not without a few weaknesses (and one significant lacuna), the contributions succeed in their overall goal of locating dispensational theology within the theology of the Reformation, especially the five solas, without downplaying any of the characteristics that make dispensationalism unique.

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