Book Review: The Jesus of the Gospels



Prof. Cory M. Marsh’s review is published in the Expository Times

The Jesus of the Gospels

Jesus (2014), and The First Days of Jesus (2015), Andreas J. Köstenberger’s, The Jesus of the Gospels (2020) rounds out his trilogy on the biblical Jesus. While the previous two serve as bookends to Jesus’ birth and cross work, this third volume bridges the gap, providing a survey of the entire life of Jesus as presented in the canonical Gospels. Steering clear of both pedantic tomes and sensationalist fads, Köstenberger explains the idea for the volume was prompted by a search for something ‘suitable’ for his college-age children, a book ‘informed by sound scholarship but accessible and jargon-free’ (p. 11).

Mirroring the Gospels’ canonical order, the book is structured around five chapters, the first situating it in the history of Jesus research (pp. 17–30). An important entry point to what follows, the chapter briefly surveys different ‘quests’ for the historical Jesus mostly against the backdrop of Schweitzer and his immense net casted on modern Jesus studies. Contrary to dichotomous historical reconstructions or forced harmonies, Köstenberger advances the legacy of Adolf Schlatter viewing history and literature as God’s combined troupe for divine revelation (p. 23).

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