A Dynamic Relationship: Christ, the Covenants, and Israel by Prof. Cory M. Marsh

A Dynamic Relationship: Christ, the Covenants, and Israel

The notion of covenant is both popular and controversial within biblical theology. Occupying the center of the debate on all sides are questions related to Jesus Christ and His relationship or involvement in each of the covenants. Hermeneutical implications raise questions such as: Are all the covenants fulfilled in Jesus’ rendering them forever satisfied? Does Scripture present Jesus as the main or even sole recipient of the covenants, and if so, which ones? Is Jesus the mediator or dispenser of the covenants? Is there any aspect where Jesus assumes all three roles without abrogating specific promises of fulfillment in or for national Israel? Prof. Marsh’s review appears in The Masters Seminary Journal 30/2 (Fall 2019) 347–62


Professor Marsh also has a second published work in The Master’s Seminary Journal.

The book’s purpose is summed up nicely in its title, “from topic to thesis.” That is, what Kibbe hopes to accomplish in the work is to guide the student in crystallizing a chosen topic into an actual working thesis. That the entire work is around 150 pages in half-size proportion makes it a book accessible to the busy student or researcher, able to be read in a few hours. As the book points out, the research process can be  overwhelming to seminary students. This is because it takes a network of skills in which the student must learn to develop to survive graduate studies.


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