In bittersweet news, SCS announced that our own Dr. Christopher Cone has accepted an invitation to serve as Calvary Bible College and Seminary’s next president. Cone’s reassignment comes after nearly two years of service at SCS, during which time SCS has seen exciting growth and development. Cone observed that,

“The team at SCS is excellent – really world class, and I have no doubt that the school will continue to grow and to increase in its stature around the world as a leader in Christian higher education. God has been gracious to allow me to be part of such a magnificent team, and that team will remain and continue to excel.”

Cone also commented on the decision to move from SCS to Calvary.

“It is always very difficult to leave people you love and have labored with. It is a joy to know that we are ‘forever family,’ as SCS president Dr. Gary Coombs often puts it. I look forward to seeing partnerships forged between the two schools.”

Dr. Coombs looks forward to Cone visiting SCS later in the Spring as he announced that he is

“very pleased that Dr. Cone has accepted the invitation to speak at both our seminary Spring banquet and commencement.” SCS is excited for the Cone family and Calvary as they begin this new chapter, and SCS administration is also excited about the upcoming year for SCS, as we will be finalizing and announcing several new programs and initiatives in coming months.”

Dr. Cone has a special thanks and announcement you can read on his blog HERE.